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Intentional Chiropractic

In the vast field of #healthcare, #chiropractic care is unique. There is no replacement or substitute for it. A gentle and specific chiropractic #adjustment of a subluxation or joint dysfunction, which is known to cause interference with our nervous systems, is very different than a “manipulation” of the same joint performed by others in different professions. The main reason for this difference: the intent behind each specific adjustment.

During healing adjustments, chiropractors have a deep and unwavering intention of loving healing toward their patients. It is part of our core philosophy. Chiropractic care promotes a lifestyle of wellness for all ages from an above, down, inside, out perspective. The core premise is that the body is a self-regulating and self-healing organism. The nervous system acts as the master controller of all processes in the body. When there is interference in the nervous system, the body will not function properly and, as a result, we will experience a decreased ability to heal. It has been said that “intention is the most powerful force in healing.”

In our office, we integrate positive intention with focused attention; positive intention of healing and love, each adjustment can manifest itself into a physical reality.

Committed to your Health,

Dr. Cece

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