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"Dr. Mikles is so wonderful!  She took care of me and my children during and after my 3rd pregnancy, and did such an amazing job!  It is irrefutable that she has gifted hands, but what I loved most about her treatment is that it came with a bedside manner that you just don't find in every doctor.  At every appointment she made me feel relaxed and happy, helped everything align for my delivery, and she was so so sweet with my kids!   She played with them, made them laugh, and was basically everything I needed in a holistic chiropractor during my pregnancy.  I would highly recommend her to ANYONE!"

Samantha McMullin


"Dr. Cece is passionate about what she does and truly cares for your family. She had adjusted every member of my family, from our baby at just a few weeks old, to our toddlers, as well as myself and my husband! She's great!"

Maura Todd


Dr. Cece is not only good at what she does but is an incredible person who genuinely cares for the people she sees. I started seeing her when I got pregnant with my first child and have continued to see her throughout. I've also taken my son regularly, starting at 6 days old and I have seen a WORLD of difference each time she treats him.

Hannah V.


Dr. Cece was God sent! She started helping our daughter at 2 months old. After only a couple visits, we saw incredible improvements. After her treatment she is a champ and eating and sleeping.
The amount of care and compassion she showed my family when I (a first time terrified mom) was at a low was exactly what I needed to help boost my confidence. Now that baby is totally ok, she's helping me get back to feeling great.

Edita Chuklanov


I had always known everyone to say that the 3rd trimester is uncomfortable and sore. So when I had trouble walking, standing, sitting, laying and every other possible position I assumed that was normal! During my birth class I couldn't get into any of the birth positions without incredible pain. I went to see Cece and felt immediate relief! She worked with me gently and offered so much encouragement. Turns out the 3rd trimester doesn't have to hurt! I saw her twice before I went into labor. While I was in active labor I thought of Cece and thanked the Lord for her because I truly don't think I could have done it had I not been adjusted. I'll forever recommend this practice!

Karen Brown


Chiropractic care is essential to how our bodies move in the state they were meant to operate in. Dr. Cecelia is a gem and will get you right. Her heart and passion shows through her work and connections with her patients.
I got regular adjustments (from Dr. Cecelia) during my pregnancy and I truly believe they helped in my delivery of my baby girl naturally!!

Marli Little


Dr. Cecelia has worked wonders for my family and I. She’s helped adjust my daughter so that she could crawl because she was having problems with her hips. When my daughter got ear infections and meds wouldn’t do anything she did cranial work and my daughter hasn’t had an ear infection since. She still helps me since I’ve had my son and during my pregnancy she helped it be a smooth pregnancy and labor. She also helped with my son who was a really colicky baby. She has made a difference in our family wellness and I highly recommend her for anyone she’s amazing at what she does and she cares so much!

Kelsee Feist

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I came to see Dr. Cece at 39 weeks pregnant for some hip pain. She did an excellent job, and was very gentle and patient with me. That evening my contractions started, and by 5am the next day I was holding my baby girl after a smooth homebirth!

Lily Boyes


Dr Cece is one of the best! She is incredibly knowledgeable, kind and attentive. Dr Cece has treated my entire family and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality chiropractic care.

LeeAnn Graff


Dr. Cecelia is a kind, compassionate Doctor who truly cares about her patient's. She is passionate about healing and puts your health first. Her heart is full of light that shows in all her work! You will be in great hands with her.

Dr. Ashley Saylor

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