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Dr. Cecelia Mikles

Family Chiropractor

Dr. Cece: Meet the Team

Cecelia Mikles, DC


Dr. Cecelia was born and raised in Washington State, attended Chiropractic College in Portland Oregon and made SW Washington her home until 2022 when she relocated with her family to middle Tennessee. 

Since graduating chiropractic college in 2014, she has made it her mission to spread the word of the powerful healing ability the human body has and how chiropractic adjustments help. The drug free approach chiropractic takes to pediatrics and pregnancy lead her to continue her education in this specialty with the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, as well as studying craniosacral therapy through Upledger and Dynamic Body Balancing and SOT cranial adjusting.  She has been Webster certified since 2015.  Her commitment to learning the art of chiropractic and specificity of the adjustment lead her to spend the last few years studying Pediatric SOT and cranial adjusting.

Since 2015 she has been running a pregnancy and pediatric based practice and growing a family. Through the years she has supported many mama's through their pregnancy and was blessed to be present during the labor, delivery and birth of some. Her own homebirth experiences, years of breastfeeding and raising two children has made her even more of an advocate for specialized care during a very special time. 

Dr. Cecelia is passionate in educating on the importance of a baby’s first adjustment, prenatal chiropractic and the ability of healthy happy homebirths.

Her free time is spent with her babies, Cameron and Claire and husband Chris. They love exploring outside, hiking, biking, fishing and have been loving all the parks, waterfalls and hills to explore in middle Tennessee.

Dr. Cece: Welcome
Dr. Cece: Testimonials
Mommy & Emma- Preggo Bellies.jpg

"Dr. Mikles is so wonderful!  She took care of me and my children during and after my 3rd pregnancy, and did such an amazing job!  It is irrefutable that she has gifted hands, but what I loved most about her treatment is that it came with a bedside manner that you just don't find in every doctor.  At every appointment she made me feel relaxed and happy, helped everything align for my delivery, and she was so so sweet with my kids!   She played with them, made them laugh, and was basically everything I needed in a holistic chiropractor during my pregnancy.  I would highly recommend her to ANYONE!"

Samantha McMullin

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