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Adopting Abundance

#Abundance is defined by Webster as “a large amount of something; ample quantity.” The principal of abundance promotes the belief that the universe has room for us all to benefit equally and there is plenty to go around, but also commands us to give away what we have. It means that we build people, relationships, and help others because we know and believe that it will all come back to us. This belief is based on the Law of attraction, which states that “like attracts like.” So focusing on positive things or people, will attract more positive things or people.

Abundance all starts with a choice. Even when you think you have no choice over something which may be going on in your life or work, you still have the opportunity to choose how you will think about it – with abundance or scarcity, love or fear. Changing our mindset about the principle of abundance is not always easy. It takes practice and trusting in abundance all of the time, whether or not it seems visible in the moment. Just because you think abundance may not be visible doesn’t mean you cannot choose it and choosing abundance is what will draw it towards you. Letting your thinking be dominated by fear and scarcity will push it away.

Choosing to embrace abundance and love, will bring happiness and help you live the life of your dreams. With this month being a time that most people are spending embracing family and tradition, I encourage you to share abundance with those around you.

Committed to your Health,

Dr. Cece

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